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2 days / 3 stages: all in 24 hours!

Please welcome to 7th edition of Warszawska Mila! Two stages in completely new terrains with new maps. Forest sprint (rather short distance), Night middle and Middle distance. Typical Mazovian sand dunes with a lot of small contours and details with mostly very good runnability and visibility. In the first part of January, Bulletin 1 with all major information, will be publish.
Entries deadline is 16th April 2021. But you can gain smaller entry fee with entering before: 21st March 2021.
Feel free to visit our trainings before the event. Check details under WMTour tab.
Use Polish O-Federation entry system


  • E1

    Forest sprint (short) distance, 24.04.2021, Buchnik Forest

    Typical mazovian sand dune with a lot of small contours and details, especially pits. Very good visibility and runnability. Expected winning time ca. 20 minutes.
  • E2

    Night middle distance, 24.04.2021, Legionowo-Grudzie

    Mazovian sand dunes with a lot pits, depressions. Good visiblity and very good runnability. A lot of small and minor paths. Old military camp and partly desert area. Expected winning time 35-50 minutes.
  • E3

    Warsaw's Mile (middle dist. race), 25.04.2021, Marki-Horowa Góra

    Totally different terrain. Poor visibility and quite good runnability. A lot middle and big depressions, holes. On this terrain there were huge excavation businesses.