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    Due to the current situation in Poland and whole Europe, the event is postponed to late July

    25.07.2020 - Stage 1, middle distance race

    26.07.2020 - Stage 2, middle distance race - for M21A will be a title race for 1 Warsaw's Mile, which in 18th Century was ca. 7146m

    Overall results will be calculated as a sum of race times during S1 and S2.

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    All information could be found in a Bulletin 1.3 (dated 17.05.2020).

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    Event center will be located at the forester's lodge, Nadma-Jaworowka 8B, 05-270 Marki, GPS: 52.3623246,21.140435

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    Use the entry form to the left in order to enter to the event. If you would like to enter the whole club use the prepared Excel form and send it to the e-mail from the footer.

    While entering please remember to choose time window when you plan to start, due to regulation of Ministry of Sport - maximum number of participants. Also please choose the gift for everybody from our sponsor SIGN SPORT Polska: a headband 4cm wide or 3 layer mask. Both gifts will be designed in special graphic.

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